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The Best Gluten Free Sausage Brands

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Sausage is one of those versatile meats that suits any meal. Whether you’re having it for breakfast, lunch or dinner, it’s delicious and easy to make. For anyone following a gluten free diet, you’re probably curious what the Best Gluten Free Sausage brands are. 

Most sausage is gluten free, but that is definitely not always the case. Like so many meats, it is important to choose your sausage very carefully. 

Keep reading to discover the best gluten free sausage brands below. If you love a particular brand and want to know more, you can use the table of contents to jump around.

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Is there gluten in sausage?

The good news is that there are plenty of gluten free sausage options available. Unfortunately though, not all brands are gluten free.

Sausage is typically made from ground meat, a binder, water and seasoning. The binder and the seasoning used are what determines whether or not the sausage is safe for gluten free consumption.

Gluten is a protein commonly found in wheat, rye or barley and is considered one of the top 9 allergens identified by the FDA.

Depending on where the sausage is made, the binding agent can be a number of different products including breadcrumbs, rusk or rice flour. Any sausages that are made with wheat containing ingredients like breadcrumbs are going to contain gluten. 

Seasonings are another area of concern as they are often a hidden source of gluten. Things like soy sauce are often used for seasoning meat products and contain gluten.

So the obvious next question is how do you know which sausages are gluten free? The safest and easiest way to confirm that a sausage (or any product) is gluten free is by using gluten free labeling and certification.

This complete guide to gluten free labeling and certification explains it all very well. To summarize here, a product can be labeled gluten free by the manufacturer if it contains less than 20 PPM gluten, and can be certified gluten free if it has been third party verified.

Cross contact is another potential concern in sausage production, which is what happens when a gluten free product is made using equipment that has been used for gluten containing food production. You can learn more about cross contact here.

If you want to know which sausages are gluten free, always check the label for a gluten free claim, gluten free certification or carefully read the ingredients list. Or, you can check out the handy list below, because I’ve already done it for you!

Where to buy gluten free sausage

Gluten free sausage is really easy to find! You can buy them just about anywhere you normally do your grocery shopping.

Whole Foods by Amazon and Thrive Market are a couple of my favorite places to buy gluten free sausage.

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Best Gluten Free Sausage Brands

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Applegate Breakfast Sausage

If you love breakfast sausage, the Applegate brand is a great option. It’s certified gluten free so you know it’s completely safe, and it comes in a variety of options including chicken and turkey.

It’s also humanely raised and has no nitrates or nitrites and contains no artificial or GMO ingredients. The chicken apple sausage is my kids’ favorite!

Buy Applegate Breakfast Sausage at Amazon here.
Or snag it at Thrive Market here.

Whole Foods Market Spicy Organic Chicken Sausage

This certified organic chicken sausage is labeled gluten free and contains no added nitrates or nitrites and it’s Climate Pledge Friendly. It’s perfect in soup, on a bun or cooked up on the grill.

It’s the perfect sausage if you love spice!

Purchase Whole Foods Market Spicy Organic Chicken Sausage at Amazon here.

Pederson Natural Farms Organic Smoked Sausage

Pederson Natural Farms is a great gluten free sausage brand. All of their sausages are gluten free, so you can simply grab whichever one suits you.

Pederson Natural Farms Inc. Organic, No-Sugar-Added Smoked Sausage 12 oz pack

Many of their sausages are keto, paleo and whole 30 approved as well!

Buy Pederson Natural Farms Organic Smoked Sausage at Thrive Market here.
Or snag their Green Chili and Cheese sausage at Walmart here.

Jack & Annie’s Breakfast Sausage

Looking for a vegan option? Jack & Annie’s makes a line of delicious, gluten free and vegan breakfast sausage using jackfruit (the Jack part of the duo). Available in Links and Patties you’re sure to find the perfect addition to your breakfast.

jack & annie's Maple Breakfast Sausage Links, 4 Pack 4 items

The Savory Breakfast Sausage Patty, Maple Breakfast Sausage Links and Savory Jack Crumbles are all gluten-free.

Purchase Jack & Annie’s Breakfast Sausages at Thrive Market here.

Aidells Sausage

The Aidells brand is one you can trust for gluten free sausage. Available in Chicken & Apple, Italian Style and Cajun Style, you’ll have plenty of choices.

Aidells sausages are also made with no added MSG, Nitrates or Nitrites and are great for grilling or adding to pasta dishes.

Buy Aidells sausages at Walmart here.

Gilbert’s Craft Sausage

If you’re looking for a fully cooked, heat n’ serve option, Gilbert’s Craft sausages have you covered! These chicken sausages also have 73% less fat than pork sausages according to the packaging.

These sausages also come in unique flavors like Aloha, with pineapple and ginger, Bourbon Apple and Sweet Pepper and Onion.

Buy Gilbert’s Craft Sausage at Target here.

Good & Gather Andouille Chicken Sausage

Do you like your sausage spicy? The Good & Gather brand is just what you need! It’s even certified gluten free and there are plenty of flavors to choose from.

This heat n’ serve brand will have a delicious dinner on the table in no time!

Add Good & Gather sausages to your next Target pick up order here.

Jones Farm Sausages

If you’re looking for an all natural gluten free option, you’re looking for Jones Farm. These certified gluten free sausages are available in pork or turkey.

We keep these stocked in the freezer for an easy protein at breakfast.

Buy Jones Farm Frozen Sausages at Target here.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sausage and Gluten

Is breakfast sausage gluten free?

Some breakfast sausage is gluten free. Be sure to check the label of the brand you’re interested in to determine whether or not it’s gluten free. 

Which Jimmy Dean sausage is gluten-free?

Jimmy Dean’s does not specialize in gluten free products and they are not tested to be gluten free. Based on the ingredients list, the heat ‘n serve sausage links, patties and fully cooked breakfast links, as well as their breakfast sandwiches in Original, Turkey and Canadian style bacon are all gluten-free. 

Is Hillshire Farm sausage gluten free?

Hillshire Farm does not state which products are gluten free, only to check their ingredients list on the packaging or on their website.

Is Johnsonville pork sausage gluten-free?

According to their website, all of their products are made with ingredients that do not contain gluten EXCEPT for their meatballs, fresh and smoked beer brats.

Is Italian sausage gluten free?

Some brands offer gluten free Italian sausage, while other brands contain gluten. Be sure to carefully check the ingredients list or look for gluten free labeling on the package. 

Is Eckrich smoked sausage gluten free?

Yes! According to their website, Eckrich smoked sausage is gluten free.

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