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Welcome to TheHelpfulGF!

picture of sharon mccaskill with text which gluten free eating plan is best for you?

Ready to take back control of your meals and love your gluten free life? Take the 45 second quiz to get a personalized plan!

Learning to live gluten-free without the stress when you just.can’t.even anymore is not only possible but it’s essential.

sharon holding a gluten free cookie

Hey there–I’m Sharon!

I’m a dedicated Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a mission: making gluten-free living not just accessible but delightful!

I know that when it comes to gluten-free living there’s a steep learning curve: my husband was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 1997 and has eaten gluten-free ever since.

I’m passionate about helping others transition to living gluten-free and live healthy (and delicious!) lives without and stress and overwhelm!

Learn more about me here.

Welcome to The Helpful GF where I share my family’s gluten-free journey with you.

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Sharon McCaskill and The Helpful GF has been featured in Apartment Therapy, Eat This Not That, MSN, Parade, Edible Arrangements, New York School Nutrition Association, Beyond Celiac, and more!

Connect with me:

I’m on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.

You can also shoot me an email any time: sharon {at} thehelpfulgf {dot} com.

Happy browsing!

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