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Welcome to TheHelpfulGF!

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Learning to live gluten-free without the stress when you just.can’t.even anymore is not only possible but it’s essential.

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Hey there–I’m Sharon!

I’m a full-time grad student earning a Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics with credentials to become a Registered Dietitian.

I know that when it comes to gluten-free living there’s a steep learning curve: my husband was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 1997 and has eaten gluten-free ever since.

I’m passionate about helping others transition to living gluten-free without and stress and overwhelm!

Learn more about me here.

Welcome to The Helpful GF where I share my family’s gluten-free journey with you.

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Connect with me:

I’m on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.

You can also shoot me an email any time: sharon {at} thehelpfulgf {dot} com.

Happy browsing!

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