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Wahlburgers: A Gluten-Free Restaurant Review

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Wahlburgers is a restaurant made famous by the A&E reality show Wahlburgers.  

In this show, the Wahlberg brothers, Mark and Donnie, help their brother Paul open his dream restaurant. 

While the first Wahlburgers location opened in Hingham, Massachusetts, Wahlburgers restaurants are located throughout the United States and Canada.  And new locations continue to pop up. 

They feature both a bar and diverse menu—which include a great variety of gluten-free options! 

Seriously, if you’re gluten-free and have the chance to go—GO!  And keep on reading to learn all about the food we enjoyed.

Wahlburgers: A Gluten-Free Restaurant Review

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I visited the Wahlburgers location in Boston, and the atmosphere is fun.  It has a quick to-go counter in the front (so you can get in and out) with a bar and indoor/ outdoor seating in the back.  However, this aspect may vary by location.

In addition, Wahlburgers is plastered with memorabilia.  Not just from the reality show, but movie posters from the Wahlberg brothers and more!  It’s a fun environment.


Now for the reason why you’re reading this—the menu! 

The menu at Wahlburgers is impressive in terms of gluten-free offerings.  Most of their main entrees can be made gluten-free.  

They offer gluten-free buns, bread, and croutons for substitution.  Their fries and tater tots (both regular and sweet potato) are also GLUTEN-FREE! 

Ya’ll, they have a dedicated gluten-free fryer!  **rejoice** 

Plus, they even have “Wahlbowls” which are basically a burger salad.

Lunch at Wahlburgers

Here’s what I tried:

  • The Super Melt: a 1/2lb burger with “government cheese”, bacon, caramelized onions, pickles, and mustard sauce grilled on gluten-free bread)
  • Jenn’s Chicken Sandwich: chicken breast with caramelized onions, lettuce, and honey-garlic mayo on a gluten-free bun.  Note: the sandwich comes with crispy onions, but the waiter knew to leave them off because they are not gluten-free
  • tater tots
  • and sweet potato tots

The verdict? 


Honestly, the waiter was super knowledgeable about the needs of Celiac and assured us that they take things very seriously. 

Without us asking additional questions, he voluntarily shared with us how they protect against cross contamination. 

Also, he knew what needed to be substituted to meet gluten-free needs.  In addition to that, the food is REALLY good.  I wish there was one closer—I’d be hitting that to-go counter!  Although… maybe it’s good for my waistline that there’s not.

Final Thoughts

If you have a Wahlburgers near you and haven’t tried it—go.  It’s not just sensationalized; the food is honestly delicious. 

It’s a great option for dining with mixed parties in which some order gluten and some do not.  Everyone will be satisfied. 

When traveling around the US and Canada and looking for a safe, gluten-free dining experience, see if there’s a Wahlburgers nearby.  You will not be disappointed!

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