Best Gluten Free Books for Kids

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17 gluten free books for kids

The following gluten free books for kids can help children who live gluten-free learn facts, find comfort in knowing they are not alone, and also help their friends and family understand and develop empathy.

Children’s books are wonderful tools to share the gluten free lifestyle in a relatable story format. Without taking children out of their comfort zone, they learn in an entertaining way through the world of books! Also, the recommended best gluten free cookbooks for kids are great tools to help families and kids explore the kitchen in a fun (and safe) way!

Keep reading for 17 of the best gluten free books and cookbooks for kids!

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The gluten-free guide below is based on personal experience and research.  Always be sure to discuss any medical changes with your doctor for your personal medical needs. This post contains affiliate links.  As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. My full disclosure isn’t that interesting, but you can find it here

Best Picture Books on Celiac Disease for Kids

These books were designed specifically for children with Celiac Disease:

#1: Happy Being Gluten Free: Marley the Celiac Seal by Tiana Lightfoot Svendson 

Happy Being Gluten Free is a beautifully illustrated whimsical story of a seal with Celiac that readers of all ages will enjoy. This book is a great tool to teach about gluten-free living and even the side effects of Celiac. 

Click here to learn more about Happy Being Gluten Free on Amazon.

#2: Eating Gluten-Free with Emily: A Story for Children with Celiac Disease by Bonnie J. Kruszka 

This lovely hardback with beautiful pictures tells five year old, “Emily’s” story. It is especially good for newly diagnosed children ages 5-7. It is an effective way to inform adults and others about what and where people with Celiac can safely eat. 

Click here to learn more about Eating Gluten-Free with Emily on Amazon.

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#3: Mommy, What is Celiac Disease? A Look at the Sunny Side of Being a Gluten-free Kid by Katie Chalmers 

This book uses a cheerful conversation between a mother and daughter to explain how to eat gluten free. Recommended by Celiac experts including Dr. Fasano, Dr. Green, Dr. Guandalini, Alice Bast, and Elaine Monarch. 

Click here to learn more about Mommy, What is Celiac Disease? on Amazon.

#4: Dear Celiac by Kristen Adam 

This inspiring story written by a girl with Celiac tells about the ups and downs of living gluten free. With 100% 5-star reviews, reviewers said their children related to this well written story saying, “She’s just like me!” 

Click here to learn more about Dear Celiac and see a free preview of the book on Amazon.

#5: Gluten Free is Part of Me by Laurie Oestreich 

Gluten Free is Part of Me is an adorable rhyming book with lovely illustrations informs young children, parents, and teachers about gluten intolerance and Celiac Disease. 

Click here to learn more about Gluten Free is Part of Me on Amazon.

#6: The Celiac Kid by Stephanie Skolmoski 

The Celiac Kid in his superhero cape cheers for all the things he can do and eat as he fights his archrival Gluten. Reviewers have used this positive and informative book to help classmates and friends understand the need for children with Celiac to eat differently. One parent commented that jokes stopped after this book was read at school. 

Click here to learn more about The Celiac Kid at Amazon.

Best General Gluten Free Books for Kids 

These books are great choices for any gluten-free children, whether they have Celiac Disease, food allergies, or gluten intolerance:

#7: Ainsley Joins the Silly Yak Club by Stefanie Plothow and Brad Plothow 

Reviewers of this book loved the beautiful illustrations and positive messages that even younger children can understand. Parents mentioned their children found comfort learning others also have food related illnesses. 

Click here to look inside Ainsley Joins the Silly Yak Club on Amazon.

#8: Why Can’t I Have a Cupcake?: A Book for Children with Allergies by Betsy Childs

This book deals with the disappointment children feel with eating differently due to food sensitivities, food allergies, or Celiac. Reviewers say it helps all children relate to children with food sensitivities or allergies.

Click here to look inside Why Can’t I Have a Cupcake? on Amazon.

#9: The Gluten Glitch by Stasie John

Young Gideon is tired of eating gluten free when his classmates have fun treats. The author hopes to remind children that safe eating can be fun too.

Click here to look inside The Gluten Glitch on Amazon.

#10: Gordy and the Magic Diet by Kim Dierson 

Any child on a restrictive diet could relate to this story, especially those who have behavioral responses to food. Gordy finds wrong food choices “awaken the monster inside.”

Click here to learn more about Gordy and the Magic Diet on Amazon.

#11: Adam’s Gluten Free Surprise: Helping Others Understand Gluten Free & Hailey’s Gluten Free Surprise: Helping Others Understand Gluten Free by Debbie Simpson

 These books (one for boys and a version for girls) may be useful to teach school aged children, their teachers, and other adults about how to live gluten free. It also focuses on demonstrating kindness towards those with differences. 

Click here to look inside Adam’s Gluten Free Surprise and here to look inside Hailey’s Gluten Free Surprise on Amazon.

Gluten Free Cookbooks for Children & Gluten Free Cookbooks for Families

These cookbooks are designed for gluten free families and gluten free children to use in preparing family friendly foods. 

#12: I’m Happy Being Gluten Free: A Kids Cookbook From A Kids Point of View by Sierra Metzger

This is a cute kid friendly cookbook by 13 year old, Sierra. It includes photos and simple directions for at least 18 items. This one of the best GF cookbooks created specifically for young children. 

Click here to look inside the I’m Happy Being Gluten Free cookbook on Amazon.

#13: Kids Eat Free: 50 Allergy Friendly Recipes Kids Love to Cook and Eat By Stephanie Policar 

This is a favorite as it has lovely photographs, fun recipes, and uses real food. This is a must have for families who have children who must eat gluten free and also dairy free or nut free.

Click here to see Kids Eat Free on Amazon and look inside for a preview of some of the yummy recipes!

#14: 201 Gluten-Free Recipes for Kids: Chicken Nuggets! Pizza! Birthday Cake! All Your Kids’ Favorites – All Gluten-Free! by Carrie S. Forbes 

This cookbook is filled with recipes your gluten free children (and whole family) will love with step by step instructions. Reviewers especially liked the pizza crust. However, most recipes are likely too difficult for children to prepare alone. 

Click here to preview Gluten-Free Recipes for Kids on Amazon.

#15: The Gluten Free Cookbook for Families: Healthy Recipes in 30 Minutes or Less by Pamela Ellgen 

This cookbook is helpful for families who are learning to substitute gf ingredients in recipes. There are many ideas for substitutions. Again this cookbook is for adults cooking for kids.

Click here to look inside The Gluten-Free Cookbook for Families on Amazon.

#16: Wheat-Free, Gluten-Free Cookbook for Kids and Busy Adults, Second Edition by Connie Sarros 

This gluten free cookbook has fun recipes that kids can help prepare and enjoy eating. Favorites include recipes for peanut butter and jelly muffins and the peanut butter cups. It includes good tips for where gluten may be hiding and how to choose ingredients. 

Click here to see the Wheat-Free, Gluten-Free Cookbook for Kids and Busy Adults on Amazon.

#17: The Paleo Kids Cookbook: Transition Your Family to Delicious Grain- and Gluten-free Food for a Lifetime of Healthy Eating by Jennifer Robbins

This is cookbook contains gluten-free, grain free, dairy free recipes that kids can help prepare. There are healthy recipes for French toast sticks, animal crackers, and sweet potato bacon tots. If your family is transitioning to more of a grain-free paleo lifestyle, here are healthy recipes with no gluten, dairy, peanuts, shellfish or soy. 

Click here to preview some of the recipes from The Paleo Kids Cookbook on Amazon.

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