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10 Best Gluten Free Energy Drinks

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Following a gluten free diet doesn’t mean you have to give up energy drinks. It just means that you have to be more careful when figuring out which brands are safe to consume. 

Choosing to buy gluten free energy drinks means you can still find a drink that packs an energy punch, without compromising your health.

The 10 best gluten free energy drinks are:

  • Bang Energy Drinks
  • V8 V Fusion + Energy
  • Sambazon Amazon Energy
  • Red Bull
  • Aspire Energy Drinks
  • Reign Energy Drinks
  • Rockstar Original
  • MTN Dew Energy
  • Women’s Best Different Energy
  • Monster Energy Ultra

In this article, I’m going to cover everything you need to know about gluten free energy drinks including what makes each brand unique and how to choose the best one for your needs.

Keep reading for more information or use the table of contents to save time and jump right to what you’re looking for.

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The gluten-free guide below is based on personal experience and research.  Always be sure to discuss any medical changes with your doctor for your personal medical needs. Additionally, this post contains affiliate links.  As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. My full disclosure isn’t that interesting, but you can find it here

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Are energy drinks gluten free?

While not all energy drinks are gluten free, plenty of them are! 

Energy drinks are designed to give you a boost of energy using different sources of caffeine, vitamins and antioxidants.

Gluten is a protein that is commonly found in wheat, rye and barley Fortunately, many energy drinks are made with ingredients that do not contain gluten.

While many energy drinks are gluten free according to the ingredients label, only some make a gluten free claim, and even fewer are certified gluten free. 

Understanding gluten free labeling and certification is super helpful when it comes to choosing energy drinks. If you’re not familiar with the difference, be sure to check out this post.

How to choose gluten free energy drinks


Where you buy your energy drinks can have a big impact on price. Picking them up at a gas station is usually more expensive than buying from somewhere in bigger packs like Target, Amazon or Thrive Market

Some brands are more expensive than others even though they contain the same amount of caffeine. 

Watch out for the size of the can as well. Sometimes one brand will seem less expensive, but the can may be much smaller. 

Taste & Flavor

While taste and flavor are possibly the most important reason to choose one brand of energy drink over the others, it’s also the most personal. 

You might need to try out a few different flavors in a few different brands before you find one that you love. 

The amount of sweetness is definitely a factor when choosing energy drinks. Some are known to be extremely sweet, which may or may not be something you enjoy.

Amount of Caffeine and Carbohydrates

Energy drinks contain varying amounts of caffeine. The brand that works best for you will likely depend on what your goals are. 

If you’re looking for something natural that contains a small caffeine boost, you’ll probably choose a different brand than someone looking for an energy drink to help with peak fitness performance. 

Some brands voluntarily label the amount of caffeine on their labels. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not require the caffeine content in an energy drink, which it considers a dietary supplement, to be disclosed.

If you’re wondering how much caffeine is safe to consume, the FDA has put together this helpful guide.

You may want to stick with a brand that discloses the amount of caffeine contained in their energy drinks, to ensure you’re only getting as much caffeine as you’re comfortable with. 

Carbohydrates are the main energy source of the human diet. For that reason, the carb count is also a consideration when it comes to choosing your energy drink.

Energy drinks that are made with sugar contain substantially more carbohydrates than those made with artificial sweeteners. 

What energy drinks are gluten free?

Bang Energy Drinks

Calories: 0

Caffeine: 300mg

Carbs: 0

Bang energy drinks are a great gluten free choice. The reformulated version has been verified to be gluten free and vegan friendly (just be sure to find one with EAA Aminos on the label). Unlike some other energy drinks found on the market, these ones are sugar free.

With 21 flavors to choose from, and more being developed, you won’t have any trouble finding one you love.

Purchase Bang Energy Drinks at Amazon here.

V8 V Fusion + Energy

Calories: 50

Caffeine: 80mg

Carbs: 12g

What makes V8 V Fusion + Energy unique is the combination of caffeine and fruits and vegetables. In one 8oz can you get one full serving of fruit and vegetables with the caffeine boost of a cup of coffee.

This plant based beverage gets its caffeine from natural black and green tea giving you steady energy with no added sugars.

Purchase V8 V Fusion + Energy at Target here.

Sambazon Amazon Energy

Calories: 120

Caffeine: about 2 shots of espresso

Carbs: 32g

Sambazon’s Amazon energy drinks are not only gluten free, they are also certified organic, and dairy free. These energy drinks are made with ingredients that are fair trade, organically-grown and ethically sourced. Sambazon uses organic caffeine sources naturally found in yerba mate, green tea and guaraná.

2-Pack Sambazon Amazon Energy Drink - Acai Berry 12 fl. oz can

While Sambazon does not list the caffeine content on their labels, according to their website <INSERT LINK> the Amazon Energy drinks contain the equivalent of 2 shots of espresso.

Purchase Amazon Energy Drinks at Thrive Market here.

Red Bull 

Calories: 110

Caffeine: 80mg

Carbs: 29g

When you think of energy drinks, you can’t help but think of Red Bull. Red Bull is one brand that does make a gluten free claim for their energy drinks. These energy drinks also have a dairy and lactose free claim. Given their 4.8 of 5 rating on Amazon, you can’t really go wrong with Red Bull. 

Red Bull also has a sugar free line of beverages, which is great if you’re looking for a lower carb option. 

Purchase Red Bull at Amazon here.

Aspire Energy Drinks

Calories: 0

Caffeine: 80mg

Carbs: 0

Aspire energy drinks are powered by natural, plant based caffeine from green tea and guarana seed extract. This no calorie, no carb beverage also boasts no jitters, with caffeine amounts similar to a single cup of coffee.

Aspire energy drinks are kosher, soy free, vegan and keto friendly.

Purchase Aspire at Amazon here.

Reign Energy Drinks


Caffeine: 300mg

Carbs: 3g

While Reign energy drinks don’t make a gluten free claim, based on the ingredients list this is a gluten free energy drink. Formulated to enhance fitness performance, Reign is made with Branded Chain Amino Acids, Electrolytes and Coenzyme Q10 to reduce fatigue.

Reign energy drinks contain no sugar and no artificial flavors or colors.

Get Reign Energy Drinks at Amazon here.

Rockstar Original

Calories: 270

Caffeine: 160mg

Carbs: 63g

This gluten free energy drink is made with Caffeine, Taurine, B-Vitamins, Ginseng, and Guarana. The original blend has a high carb count compared to other brands. For carb conscious consumers, Rockstar also has a sugar free line.

Rockstar energy drinks are available in more than 25 flavors.

Purchase Rockstar energy drinks at Target here.

MTN Dew Energy

Calories: 25

Caffeine: 180mg

Carbs: 5g

MTN Dew Energy is made by Pepsico and in a statement on their website they indicate that while they don’t make gluten free claims, none of the ingredients in their energy drinks are derived from grains or flours linked to gluten sensitivity.

MTN Dew Energy contains Zinc and Vitamins A & C antioxidants to help support immune function.

Get MTN Dew Energy at Amazon here.

Women’s Best Different Energy

Calories: 10

Caffeine: 200mg
Carbs: 0

This energy drink specifically formulated for women supports positive energy, immunity, focus, hydration, as well as skin, joints, & bones. It contains 200 mg of natural caffeine, hydrolyzed collagen, 7 vitamins and electrolytes.

Women’s Best is gluten-free, naturally flavored and colored, and available in 4 delicious flavors.

Purchase Women’s Best at Amazon here.

Monster Energy Ultra


Caffeine: 150mg

Carbs: 3g

Monster energy is a classic energy drink. The Energy Ultra is a sugar free blend with only 10 calories, zero sugar and 3g of carbohydrates. 

Available in lots of fun flavors like Fiesta, Paradise and Peechy Keen, you have plenty of options to choose from.

Purchase Monster Energy Ultra at Target here

Frequently Asked Questions about Gluten Free Energy Drinks

Is Gatorade gluten free?

Pepsico, the makers of Gatorade, do not make any gluten free claims. That being said, according to the website their sports drinks do not contain any ingredients that are derived from flours or grains that have been linked to gluten allergies.

Is Monster energy drink gluten free?

According to the ingredients list, Monster energy drinks are gluten free. Keep in mind that ingredients can change at any time, so it’s important to check the list every time you buy.

Are Bang energy drinks gluten free?

The reformulated Bang energy drinks are certified gluten free! To confirm that you’ve got the reformulated cans, make sure they contain ‘EAA Aminos’.   

Is Reign energy drink gluten free?

Based on the ingredients list, Reign energy drink is gluten free.

Are Alani Nu energy drinks gluten free?

Yes, Alani Nu energy drinks are gluten free and vegan.

Is Red Bull gluten and dairy free?

Yes! Red Bull is gluten free, wheat free, lactose free and dairy free.

Are Rockstar energy drinks gluten-free?

Rockstar energy drinks are a Pepsico product.

According to their website, Pepsico does not make gluten free claims, however none of their products, including Rockstar energy drinks contain ingredients derived from grains or flours that have been linked to gluten sensitivity.

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