Gluten-Free Snack Roundup: Episode 1

A Roundup of Gluten Free Snacks and Reviews

Gluten-Free Snack Roundup: Episode 1

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My #1 tip when traveling gluten-free is to BRING YOUR OWN SNACKS!  Actually, that might just be one of my life tips in general. Married to a diabetic? Bring a snack. Have toddlers? Bring a snack. Gonna be stuck in a car for a while? Bring a snack. You get the idea: before any big trip I stock up on snacks. I always end up with a happy mix of some trusted favorites, some new finds, some healthy choices, and some… less than healthy! Keep on reading for a review of my latest gluten-free snack haul.

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Chobani Yogurt Tubes—Strawberry

gluten-free chobani yogurt tubes

Chobani is one of my favorite brands of yogurt. I love how thick and creamy it is (my favorite flavor is the key lime!).  Although I’ve mostly cut out dairy (and been making my own coconut milk yogurt instead), I’m still buying yogurt for Tyler and the kids. And when your kids are young, these yogurt tubes are where it’s at!  My girls love that the tubes have super heroes on them, and I love Chobani for having less sugar and more than twice the protein of other yogurt tube brands.  Plus, Chobani is non-gmo with no artificial flavors, and their yogurt is gluten-free (but read the labels—the yogurt snack packs like the Flip are not all gluten-free).

Disney Frozen gluten-free string cheese

Disney’s Frozen String Cheese

Does string cheese need much explanation?  It’s a naturally gluten-free snack, toddlers love it, and it is protein-filled with no added sugar.


Glutino—Strawberry Toaster Pastries and Vanilla Crème Cookies

Glutino is one of those trusted gluten-free brands who has been around since I first started shopping gluten-free.  They are one of the few brands to offer gluten-free toaster pastries in the grocery stores and on  They are also certified gluten-free which gives us an extra level of confidence in their product.  Click here to learn more about gluten-free certification and labeling.

Glutino toaster pastries and vanilla cookies
images from

The whole family loves the toaster pastries (in fact, Tyler often hides them from the kids so they can be just his).  They compare well to regular toaster pastries.  They are a bit crunchier—more like a cracker.  But the flavor is great.  The Glutino Vanilla Crème cookies are good too.  While they are a bit too sweet for me (I find pretty much all vanilla crème filled cookies to be too sweet—gluten-free or not), the texture of both the cookie and the filling are pretty similar to an Oreo. As you can see, these cookies didn’t even make it one night before our tip—my sweet Celiac husband and little princesses got into it while I was packing. haha

Glutino makes other snacks we like too such as bagel chips, chocolate chip cookies, pretzels, and cereal bars.

GoGo Squeeze—Applesauce Pouches

gogo squeez applesauce pouches assorted flavors image from amazon

Another healthy gluten-free snack for toddlers—applesauce pouches!  There are countless brands of applesauce pouches, but I look for applesauce with no added sugar (like these!).  Plus, the kids like the tops on this brand because they take them on/off by themselves.  GoGo Squeeze is not only gluten-free but also 100% fruit, non-GMO, nut free, and dairy free.  They even make organic pouches and fruit & veggie blend pouches if you wanna sneak in some veggies!

Popcorn Indiana—Black & White Drizzlecorn 

Popcorn Indiana Black & White Drizzlecorn gluten-free

Tyler and I first discovered Popcorn Indiana’s Drizzlecorn flavors over six years ago—and we buy it a lot.  Whenever it’s on sale we snatch up a couple bags, but buying in bulk from Amazon is always an option too.  Tyler’s not a huge fan of kettlecorn, but this decadent dessert-like popcorn is for sure a winner in his book! How could you not like something covered in both white and dark chocolate? This is the first snack we finished off on our trip.  While it’s not really healthy—it is both kocher and certified gluten-free.  Plus, living gluten-free can be restrictive enough, you have to branch out and enjoy life every now and then.

Ripple Foods—Vanilla Half & Half


Since I am restricted in the amount of dairy I can eat, I dragged along my Vanilla Creamer by Ripple.  I knew we’d be drinking coffee all week, and since this trip we were staying in the middle of the Adirondacks, I assumed that specialty coffee creamer would be a difficult find.  So I brought it with me!  Click here to see my more in-depth review of Ripple Half & Half. 


Simple Mills Crackers—Fine Ground Sea Salt & Jalapeño

Simple Mills is another brand I’ve mentioned before on my blog.  We’ve had the fine ground sea salt crackers frequently, but the Jalapeño sprouted seed crackers were an impulse buy!

Simple Mills gluten-free crackers; sea salt and jalapeno

The fine ground sea salt crackers are not only certified gluten-free, but grain free as well.  They are crunchy, mildly salty, and actually taste a LOT like Wheat Thins. The kids love them too!  I pack them in their lunches with pepperoni slices a lot.  One of the things I love about Simple Mills products is they only contain a few ingredients (these crackers have 8 ingredients). These crackers are more than just a gluten-free snack, they are also non-GMO, free of corn & soy, vegan, and Paleo-friendly.

The jalapeño sprouted seed crackers were a new try for us.  The ingredients lists are similar, but I wasn’t as big of a fan of this kind.  I expected them to be spicy (of course jalapeño flavored would have spice) but the actual flavor of the jalapeño didn’t seem to come through as much as the heat.  Tyler also thought these were just ok.  The sprouted seed crackers come in other flavors too like everything and garlic & herb.  I will try those in the future to see if I like them more.

Wholesome Surf Sweets—Gummy Bears

surf sweet by wholesome organic fruity gummy bears gluten-free

There has to be candy on the gluten-free snack list, amiright?  These gummy bears are certified gluten-free, top 10 allergen free, vegan, organic, and non-GMO.  They were pretty good!  Not as soft as some gummy bears—a bit chewier.  The flavors were definitely fruity.



Vegan Rob’s—Dairy Free Cheddar Puffs

Vegan Rob's Gluten-Free Diary Free Cheddar Puffs

These puffs were another new certified gluten-free snack for us.  Our family loves Pirates Booty and I was looking forward trying a vegan version.  The texture was great, but I was a little disappointed in the flavor.  I know it’s hard to mimic the taste of cheese (even my favorite vegan cheeses don’t come that close).  The flavor was really fine—just not that typical ‘white cheddar’ flavor you find on Pirates Booty or Smartfood.  And… my kids LOVED these.  They polished off the bag FAST.  I would say they’re worth the try.  I plan on trying some of Vegan Rob’s other flavors

Do you stock up on snacks before trips?  What are your favorites?  Comment below and let us know!

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  1. That was a great haul! Who doesn’t love snacks? I love them so much anytime anywhere! Thanks for sharing ♥️ ♥️ Hope you can check out our Instagram Auditor at, where it helps you check your Instagram account for fake followers and likes!


  2. While neither myself or my husband have any strict diet requirements I have read a little bit about the health benefits of avoiding gluten. We might need to give these snacks a try!

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